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singing out for a fairer world



Whilst retaining our original roots in the English Rebels tradition we have now added much more - from songs inspired by movements for change at home, to songs of liberation from around the world, to the refashioning of popular songs with new and radical lyrics...

We have kept singing through Covid - if only on Zoom.


Here is our 2020 rendition of Bella Ciao, with our own new words added - We Will Win if we Stand Together

liar liar

We did several songs and videos campaigning to get rid of the Tories in the 2019 general election that we shared on social media. Unfortunately they didn't have the desired effect!


One of these was our take on the brilliant Liar Liar by Captain Ska

Watch our 'Recycled Miscellany' at the 2019 Street Choirs Festival in Manchester.


A medley of songs reworded and rearranged in support of  campaigns around the world for climate action.

Watch our performance  at the 2017 Street Choirs Festival in Kendal.


Following Chilean band Quilapayun's tradition of adapting their song la Batea to comment on current political scandals. This is our version for the June 2017 election

Watch our performance  at the 2016 Street Choirs Festival in Leicester.


This is our 'miscellany' - a diverse medley of songs adapted to give a wry comment on the state of politics and the world in 2016.

Listen to our CD 'Not in my Name' from 2003


A collection of songs of protest and resistance from around the world. The title and title song come from the campaigns by many millions of people against the disastrous war in Iraq

Listen to our 1996 CD 'What We Sing Is What We Are'


A collection of songs from the last days of the Tory government before the election of New Labour in 1997. Unfortunately. many of the songs remain as pertinent today as they were then

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